Songs from Shahbag
Songs from Shahbag
Feb 2013 22

ME Label is collaborating with Bangladeshi and International artists to document “Songs from Shahbag.” “Songs from Shahbag” is a compilation album of songs written with the spirit of the Shahbag Movement that is currently taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It will be released worldwide on 26th March, 2013.

We are looking for interested bands and artists to submit songs, as well as any individual or business that is interested in contributing to this non-profit project. Our goal is to keep this an ongoing project to encourage and involve the music and arts community to work on contributing to the progress of Bangladesh and also to create awareness of our collective work internationally.

All money collected from this album will be displayed on the project website , and will be donated to various charities and used to promote Bangladesh in the world media.

The musical movement is evolving with the country. We hope you will join us in documenting and continuing the Spirit of Shahbag.

Check out the first song of the project “Shobkota Janala” by Razeeb (written by Farina)

(Its a free download, but you can also make a donation to the cause.)


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